dinsdag 10 januari 2012

Back on Track

The new year has begun and it is time for a new newsletter. 2012 will be the year of the Ekolectric. Everyone on the team has refuelled themselves, not with petrol but with brand new ideas. In short, we are back on track.

Some significant changes have taken place in the past few weeks. The Ekolectric car has been moved from the Dream Hall to the 3ME faculty building with help of the DUT Racing Team. The Ekolectric now resides near the office of Accenda. The photo below shows the car in its new location. Students of the Haagsche Hogeschool have completed their work on the Ekolectric and greatly contributed with the suspension of the motor.

The motor has been successfully installed in the prototype at the TU Delft. And there is more good news... the team has been able to have the wheels spinning! Students of the Mondriaan will shortly start to build in the motor in the prototype at the location in The Hague. Furthermore, the new motor that will be used in the final Ekolectric car and prototype is arriving this week and will be ready to be installed.

On another note, the styling of the first Ekolectric car has begun at the Mondriaan, as show the photos above. The stickers have been printed and arrived, so that they can be placed on the car when the paintjob has been completed.

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