maandag 28 november 2011

In Second Gear

This issue of Ekolectric News informs you about some of the events that have happened in the past weeks and pays special attention to two teams. The cars have been disassembled and the teams are analysing the different parts, and hope to run tests soon. Sadly, the IO automotive students will finish their minor at the end of this week, but the Mondriaan, Haagsche Hogeschool and Energy Club students will continue their work with even more enthusiasm.

On Friday 11 November everyone was invited to have a couple of drinks in the Aula. Despite the exam week the evening was a success. Last week, all students from the TU Delft were invited to have a look at the location at the Mondriaan in The Hague. This was a great experience; many students came and together with the Mondriaan students they disassembled parts of the cars and managed to run some tests on them. This week the roles were reversed; the Mondriaan students visited the TU Delft Dreamhall, after attending a useful seminar by the RDW. The RDW oversees safety and environment standards and the official testing of vehicles. They have a special department for electric cars, and informed the students of the particular tests they run.

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