vrijdag 11 november 2011

Up and Running

It has been three weeks since the kick-off of the Ekolectric at the IO faculty. It was a bit of a shaky start, but now all teams are up and running. Students from the Mondriaan have joined one week after the TUD students and this week the Haagsche Hogeschool students will be added to the teams. By now, all teams are familiar with both workplaces, the Dream Hall and Mondriaan. However, the planning of the teams over the two locations is not easy. In this week’s newsletter we pay special attention to the drivetrain and styling teams, and there is a summary of the article published in the local newspaper about the Ekolectric..

The photo above is from the publication in the Stadskrant Delft on the 26th of October (page 8), a brief summary is given below:
Ekolectric: a unique formula

Increasingly more companies are focusing on electric transportation on the road. Accenda is cooperating with about sixty MBO-, HBO- and TU Delft students to execute a new concept: the Ekolectric. This concept project focuses on a standard module to convert smaller fuel cars into full-electric cars. The collaboration between students of different technical backgrounds is unique to this project. The link between knowledge and practice is the ideal mix for achieving innovative solutions. The final selection is based on performance, pricing, safety and recyclability. The project is facilitated by the municipality of Delft

(source: http://www.delft.nl/Inwoners/Actueel/Stadskrant_Delft/2011/Oktober_2011).

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