donderdag 11 oktober 2012

Team Development

After a long radio silence there is much to tell about the Ekolectric. The first Ekolectric has had several test-drives, in which the speed of the car increased each time. Sadly, but very proudly, the team has said goodbye to some of the first Ekolectric team. We would like to thank Miguel, Nikos, Riccardo, Stijn and Trent tremendously for their contributions to the development of the Ekolectric. In upcoming weeks we hope to announce a renewed team able to continue on the work done by the aforementioned students.

We are also proud to announce that Centurion Akku has joint the Ekolectric team. Centurion Akku is developing the battery pack for the Ekolectric, with their contributions the development of the car has reached a new phase.

Furthermore, the Ekolectric had her pré-introduction to the public at the Ecomobiel fair at the 9&10th of October. Accenda and the Ekolectric were present at the stands of the Technical Universiteit and the municipality of Delft

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